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Forced Unpaid Labour Is Judged Lawful

UNBELIEVABLE but not surprising!

"In a decision that will make ministers breathe a huge sigh of relief and leaves campaigners against workfare raging with fury, High Court judge Justice Foskett ruled that forcing the unemployed to work for free is lawful. However, Justice Foskett did rule that stripping claimants of their benefits for refusing compulsory unpaid work was unlawful."

"Justice Foskett stated that “characterising such a scheme as involving or being analogous to ‘SLAVERY’ or ‘forced labour’ seems to me to be a long way from contemporary thinking”.

This doesn't say much for so-called 'contemporary' thinking does it! Who cares about contemporary contemptible thinking! This is evidently not thinking at all! I've never thought in the same way as most people and most definitely do not think in a contemporary manner, thank god, which presumably means NORMAL or AVERAGE, or perhaps just politically correct and cowardly to the degree that it is done consciously.

Still, I didn't really think they had much of a chance but it was well worth a try. It's always worth having a go, putting up a fight!

The only thing left now is AHIMSA-SATYA-GRAHA or NON-VIOLENT RESISTANCE in the work-place which I advocate and make organisations pay for employing 'wage-slaves'. These unemployed free labour slaves will most truly merit the name for they will not even receive a wage. In effect under WORKFARE they will be employed by the State-Government with Jobcentres as State Employment Agency's.

The Government had better make sure that the total Universal Credit (UC) payment divided by the total number of hours worked is not less than the MINIMUM WAGE ie maximum circa £6 per hour variable. There are lower rates for those under 25 years of age which is itself disgusting, being little more than a form of AGE DISCRIMINATION. Working today is becoming ever more a form of indentured servitude; WORKFARE 'working for your dole' for those on the lowest rung, and WAGE SLAVERY for all those on the higher rungs. Pathetic!

And now a famous film clip to show just how we're all in'it together!
Perhaps this could be a new entry for 'Team GB' at the next Olympics!

From the movie Ben-Hur (1959):
After his arrest Ben-Hur (Charlton Heston) is sent to work and die as a Roman Galley slave.
In this scene Quintus Arrius sees Ben Hur and remarks:
"Your eyes are full of hate,  forty-one.  That's good.
Hate keeps a man alive.  It gives him strength".
and thereupon proceeds to 'test' him!

I therefore advocate NON-VIOLENT RESISTANCE & CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE of the kind that does no harm to any living thing (Jainism) but may well cause damage to property. Caveat emptor, let the 'buyer' beware! The 'spanner in the works' philosophy of resistance! LAWFUL REBELLION.

Each will have to navigate a path of their own devising through this ethical minefield.

All thoese forced onto 'work for your dole' schemes should arm themselves with techniques of SUBTERFUGE, SUBVERSION, & SABOTAGE. Make sure the participating organisations pay for employing you for nothing! This applies to all, to those participating organisations be they within the Public Sector, the Third Sector, or the Private Sector! It most especially applies to the various PRIME PROVIDERS who will continue to operate behind the scenes not employing the unemployed directly. Anyone heard of A4E! These are the ones most difficult to target. They cannot be targeted from within the workplace because the unemployed will not be working for them. These PRIME PROVIDERS are little more than Government Agents of State-enforced slavery! 

What is the difference between those sentenced to working in the community under the COMMUNITY PAYBACK SCHEME and those unemployed forced to do same under WORKFARE? Those on COMMUNITY PAYBACK are definitely working in a 'Community Chain Gang' but have been found guilty of criminal behaviour and duly sentenced. Those on WORKFARE (work for your dole) have committed no crime other than being unemployed (is that a crime?) and are being sentenced to the exact same punishment. One may as well adopt a criminal lifestyle first for the punishment is identical! Nothing to lose! So what crime exactly has an unemployed person committed when sentenced to working in the community for free in seemingly exactly the same way? This is just CRIMINALISATION of the Unemployed. This is the old Victorian concept of the DESERVING and the UNDESERVING POOR without distinction! In other words all the poor are undeserving! Lets introduce some form of EUGENICS while we're at it shall we!

The Government attempts to pull the wool over the eyes of the 'contemporary' 'un-thinking' public when they try to bamboozle them with numerous variations of the same thing eg. 'Community Action Programme' and 'Work Academy Scheme'.

Spot the difference!
6 March 2012 – Government launches employment support for prisoners
"The Government is launching a major overhaul of the employment support prisoners receive when they leave jail. Everyone leaving prison and claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance benefits will be immediately referred on Day One to the Government’s Work Programme, where they will receive specialist support to get them into employment as quickly as possible."

"Britain ought to make its prisoners work in “chain gangs” to clear litter building up on the side of major public roads, a Conservative MP has said."
“In the US I have seen chain gangs out clearing highways – why can’t we do that here?” he said. “We have criminals expected to pay back – why not get them out there doing something of use?”
Kenneth Clarke, the Justice Secretary, is a supporter of short “community sentences” where people work in their neighbourhoods rather than go to prison.
He has also unveiled plans to get prisoners to work for private companies within jails in the hope of instilling a culture of “purposeful hard work”. The minister has promised to double the number of inmates working up to 40 hours per week because they are a “wasted resource”.

I wonder if either of them have realised how the exact same ideas are being applied to the unemployed!

Long Live the Revolution
Nils Carborundum Illigitimi
Love, Light & Laughter


  1. Sorry, I am unable to read this article due to the intrusive and annoying widget which is in the way. How do I remove it?

  2. A very good article, I have been in the past, made to work at a charity shop, unpaid. While I preferred massively working at a charity shop to the idea of working for somewhere like tracks for free I still do not see why we must work for free.
    If these jobs are available, and open to anyone (quite the opposite of the ridiculous hoops you must pass through to get an actual job) then why not just give paid jobs to the unemployed?
    That would be a far better idea and I would much welcome it.